China really should have beaten Germany ughhhhhhhh

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Yep, that was a classic gut punch of a failed upset bid.

Germany didn’t have better chances than China in their World Cup opener on Saturday, and they looked a bit intimidated by the physical Chinese defense at times. The Germans won 1-0 anyway on the strength of their superior technical players and an absolute banger by 19-year-old Giulia Gwinn.

But the game could have gone so much differently.

China may have had better chances, but they didn’t have the better finishing. Li Ying is China’s best goal-scorer, but couldn’t finish off an amazing opportunity in the 15th minute.

And China had an even better opportunity to score before halftime. Several in a matter of a few seconds, actually. But this was the agonizing result.

“China will end up regretting those missed chances,” commentators around the world said in a hundred different languages. It’s a cliche, but probably not an overused one, because it’s true so often. China was always going to have a small number of good chances to score against a more talented and experienced opponent. The first miss elicited a hearty “NOOOOOO” from neutrals, while the second landed a very stiff gut punch.

That was the moment, and they blew it.

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