The 2003 Fiesta Bowl’s climactic moment deserves a deep rewind

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To remember how we got to this point, let’s rewind.

It’s January 3rd, 2003. We’re at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. The number-one Miami Hurricanes are looking to keep their hopes alive against number-two Ohio State. For Miami, it’s one snap to keep their 34-game win streak in tact and have another chance to join the shortlist of back-to-back champs. Or, one snap for Ohio State’s defense to slam the door shut and take the crown.

The teams have had to fight both physically and emotionally all night, and have already turned in an unforgettable performance. It’s the final opportunity for so many players on both sides to cement their collegiate legacies before turning pro. For others, it’s an early chance at greatness with a long future unwritten. One play. One yard. Welcome to a moment in history.

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